I'm new to Newsvine, and I can't seem to do everything yet. What's going on?

With all of the great new users who join the Newsvine community every day, it's hard to keep track
of everybody.

While the majority of new users are thoughtful people looking to make a positive impact on the community, inevitably you will have your automated spambots, your trolls, and other folks abusing the system upon arrival.

To help curb the proliferation of these accounts, all new users begin in a "New User" state. In this state, you have all privileges except the following:

  • The uploading of photos
  • The ability to put HTML links in comments
  • The ability for your seeds to show up on The Vine
  • The ability to publish articles

Newsvine staff works daily to promote new users to a "Trusted" state (and remove spammers/trolls/etc.), so if you're new and contributing, whether by commenting or publishing content, your new user restrictions should disappear quickly.

If you feel you've made contributions to the site and gone unnoticed, please feel free to let us know in a discussion.