I'm new to Newsvine, where do you recommend I start?

If you haven't taken our Quick Tour, that's definitely the place to start.

If after taking the Tour and visiting the discussions linked at the end, you're still looking for a starting point, we recommend you begin on the front page of the site. There, you can find a snapshot of what Newsvine's many communities are currently discussing.

Once you find a piece of content you're interested in discussing, we encourage you to read the Nation discussions. You can use Newsvine without commenting, but it's a much richer experience when you do.

If you find a Nation you like, comment and join or apply. That's a first step towards curating your own front page experience - the more Nations you have membership in, the more specialized your experience gets.

We'd love for you to share or write news, but we understand not everyone wants to do that right from the start! The best way to get acclimated and begin enjoying Newsvine is to start having conversations.