What is a hovercard?

Everywhere you see an avatar on the site - in comments, on domain pages, in nation membership lists - you can click the avatar to open a hovercard.


When you open the hovercard, you can interact with the user in a multitude of ways:


Clicking 'Contact' will present you with a form where you can send the user an email.

Clicking 'Ignore' will hide all of the user's comments from discussions you visit.

Clicking 'Invite to' presents a dropdown menu of Nations you're an admin of, so you can invite the user to one - or more - of them.

Nations have hovercards, too - everywhere you see a nation avatar on the site, you can click to open it.


It features a statistical snapshot of the nation and quick links to the Nation's column, member list, and About page. You can also click the links to 'Published Articles' and 'Planted Seeds' to jump to the Nation's column and sort by type of content.