As a Nation Admin, what tools do I have?

The Nation Members & Roles page

Click the members icon on your Nation's hovercard or in its column to access this powerful page:


Here, you can place members into different roles by clicking the drop down menu on the far right of each user's row.

Admins have the same access to that page, as well as the ability to change anything on the Nations settings page.

Members can publish content to a Nation, comment within a Nation, and report content and comments.

A blocked user may not apply to or join your Nation. A removed user may apply or join again.

If you're Admin of a Gated Nation, clicking the 'Requested' filter shows all users who have requested membership in your Nation. You'll also receive this information in your Inbox menu.

Clicking the 'Invited' tab shows Newsvine users you've invited to join the Nation. If you've decided to rescind the invitation, you can do so by selecting 'Removed' from the dropdown menu.

In discussions

As an Admin, you can delete comments in your Nation and block users directly from the discussion. We suggest posting an explanation when you delete comments and/or block users to explain what Nation bylaws or parts of the Code of Honor the comments or users violated, but you don't have to.

For more about being blocked from a Nation, see this Newsvine article.

The blocking and deleting options are fairly subtle - here's what they look like when you're not mousing over them:


When you mouse over them, you can delete comments and block users - you'll be prompted to confirm both.



You can also report users to staff by clicking the flag to the left of those buttons, as members of your Nation can.

On the Nation's column page

You can remove and feature content from any view of your Nation's column page. Clicking 'remove' will prompt you to confirm.


For more on featuring content in your Nation, see this article:

Can I feature content in my Nation?