What is a Nation?


A Nation is the best way to discuss news - it's a collective of Viners who share and discuss news together.

Nations begin discussions - on Newsvine, and in the future, on NBCNews.com. These discussions are more intimate and higher quality than the free-for-all of most news sites (and the Public Discussion that resides below everything).

Some Nations center around topics as broad as news about a geographic region or an election, or as specific as a person.

Some Nations simply consist of Viners who like discussing news from many different sections with each other.


Anyone can create a Nation. You can set different access settings for entry, authoring content, and even disallowing certain Newsvine members from a wide range of activity, depending on the situation.
• Open: Nation entry is open to everyone. Visitors can comment.
• Gated: Requires requesting membership to an Nation administrator. Visitors can comment.
• Invite Only: Prevents other users from requesting access, but this setting does not mean it is PRIVATE.


When you contribute content (publishing or seeding articles to Newsvine) beginning a discussion with one of your relevant Nations is the best way to get more out of the new Newsvine.


For more specifics, check out other articles in this Newsvine Nations section.