Why is Newsvine retiring private groups?

Newsvine has chosen to discontinue private groups in an effort to simplify the user-experience and showcase our excellent public discussions — some of the best on the web.

We've put a lot of time, energy, and thought into creating a new discussion experience and we hope that Nation Discussions improve the already great conversations that take place on Newsvine.

Users can now create three different types of Nations:

"Open": In an "Open Nation" anyone can join and publish instantly. Guest comments are allowed.

"Gated": In a "Gated Nation" anyone can apply but only accepted members can publish. Guest comments also allowed.

"Invite-only": In an "Invite-Only Nation" no one can apply. Current members must invite new members. Only members can publish and no guest comments are allowed.

Invite-only Nations can host exclusive conversations where only members can comment. However, these conversations are public. We recognize there is an existing demand for private discussions and we anticipate adding support for this as Newsvine's features continue to evolve.

Please note: No existing private discussions will ever be made public.