How do I post videos or a series of videos to Newsvine?

Click 'publish' on the green bar at the top of the screen. Choose 'post video' from the drop-down menu.


Then you will see this screen:


Click 'add video' and this screen will appear:


Select a link to add to your post and a screen shows up with the video embedded, as well as an area to enter caption information. Often, this is automatically populated, but you have the option to edit it.


Hit 'Save' and you will then be directed back to the original page, where you can add another video, and finish up your post with a headline, text, etc.


You can also choose a category, add tags, and publish to your Nations.

When you are finished, you can scroll up to the top of the post to choose to save, preview, publish live, etc.


NOTE You can add photos and videos to your articles, as well.