What can I do with the Article Editor?

Note: See this Knowledge Base article for instructions on Photo posts and this one for Video post instructions.

Let's start at the top. To Publish an article, click "Publish" at the top of any Newsvine page, then "Write Article":


Newsvine's Article Editor is a powerful tool that can make beautiful articles featuring photos, videos, and polls.


Newsvine auto-saves a draft for you every few minutes in case your browser crashes while you are writing, so the 'Save' button isn't as critical as you might think, but we strongly suggest saving your work before you close a tab or window with the editor open.

'Preview' shows you what your article looks like as currently constructed in a new window or tab.

'Cancel' removes any edits you've made since you've opened the editor - it gives you a screen to make sure that's what you want!

Once an article's published live, the 'Publish' button becomes an 'Unpublish' button.


You can schedule articles to post at future dates. Just click the down arrow next to 'Publish Live' and select when you want the article to go live - though if you're also accepting comments, make sure you're around to moderate.


The time of day you select will be consistent with the time zone you're accessing the editor from.

Embedding Video

You can embed videos from YouTube, and it's as simple as grabbing the URL. You can also use the embed code if you're so inclined. Click the filmstrip next to 'Insert Media' like so:


Add your URL as prompted at this screen:


For example, let's use the brilliant short film 'Fresh Guacamole'. Here's its URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FQMO6vjmkyI

Just pasting that in prompts the system to do its work and give you this:


We automatically pull the description from the video for the caption, but feel free to edit it. Click 'Save', and it appears in the article editor like this:


In the editor, videos, images, and polls appear as smaller versions with buttons so you can move the video's placement in relation to the text and edit the alignment. Click 'Move' and use the up and down arrows to manipulate the video within your article. Click the checkmark when you're done moving it. Click 'Edit' to change the Alignment to Left, Middle, or right, or to change the Caption. Click 'Delete' to remove the video.

Remember to click 'Preview' to see what your video looks like!

Embedding Images

There's three techniques to adding an image to your article, all accessible by clicking the portrait next to 'Insert Media', then 'Add Image':


That presents you with this screen:


You can upload images from your hard drive by clicking 'Select File' un the 'Upload New Image' tab. Find the image on your hard drive, crop your image if you wish, and if you didn't create the image, find the original source if it's not you and give credit, with a link when possible.

You can also post images from URLs. Make sure you can use them without violating copyright. Here's a URL for one of Tyler's photos: http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7183/7119952225_c2d102f99a_h.jpg

Select the 'Paste image URL', paste the URL in and you're presented with this screen:


On this screen, add an appropriate caption, credit, and link.

The third technique is simply to click the 'My Recent Images' tab to choose from images you've uploaded recently.

Moving, editing and deleting works just as it does with video.


Click the bargraph next to 'Insert Media', and you'll see this 'Add Poll' button:


Click that and you'll see this screen:


Add a question, as many answers as you want, change the Alignment if you wish, and schedule a date for the Poll to close. Click 'Preview Poll', review, and then click 'Add Poll' to place it in the Article Editor, or 'Edit' to return to the previous screen.

Note: Each item you embed will be entered at the top of the article, so if you're embedding a lot of things, consider the order!