What's the best way to Seed articles?

We think it's the seed bookmarklet. Here's how to use it:

Click and drag this link to your browser's bookmarks or favorites toolbar.

Seed Newsvine

If you don't see a bookmarks toolbar in your browser, you can definitely enable it. Here's how for most major browsers:

Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome

Microsoft Internet Explorer and Edge


It'll look something like this once it's successfully dragged:


Then, the next time you read an article that you'd like to share and discuss, stay on the article's page, click the button, enter your own headline, comment, and tags, publish and you've just seeded Newsvine.

Whatever text you highlight before clicking the bookmarked "Seed Newsvine" link will be imported into the seed summary.

You can also Seed Newsvine by entering your link on this screen.

And remember to start discussions in your nations!